Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Best Mens Magazines

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The market this days offering mens as much as women magazines and even grooming product for men, but what best for us, is still a big question. 
choosing mens magazines is not that easy, some just fill up with adds- some just pretty much like newspaper. But here the three best magazine that remain on my desk every month, and its a must!. 
Talking about monocle magazine, this is the most favorite magazine i found in last 2 years, the cover story and almost a bit about everything, from fashion, technology, design, and some global issues. This is a perfect magazine and its great a petite for our brain. If we need to walk across the street, and u wanna have something in your hand rather than just a magazine, this is something that you might considering. Price is around $20 AUS. 
Vogue for mens and GQ is two fashion magazine we have to see, this pioneer in fashion and they are is a fashion movement point for men. Talking about the price, its about $15AUS. 

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Cameron Mactier said...

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