Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Guy Bedarida for John Hardy Jewelry

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if you big fans of silver jewelry, you might ever heard John Hardy, or maybe you even have a piece of their beautiful work. Meet Guy Bedarida, the guy behind all those beautiful creation work together with Damien Denoncourt. The company head quarter is self base in Hong Kong, and there another sate lit office in New York, which bring all John Hardy Jewelry lineup in some high class shopping mall such Bloomingdales. 

John Hardy jewelry, is created and produce in Ubud, Bali. Guy Bedarida join the workshop in late 1990's, together with the founder it self, the brand name after him, John Hardy. Guy and Damien bough  the company together in 2007 from John Hardy it self. 

Their concern to work with local people as much as they care about the environment.  Their work has been rewarded from many party, their work with bamboo is created such amazing bamboo house, one of them is Green School,  dedicated for local school.  Tiga Gunung (3 mountain) workshop, the 14.000 square foot building was considered as the biggest bamboo building in the world, which they use to welcoming guest one they visit the John hardy. 

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