Monday, 27 August 2012

From Britten for Melbourne Spring Fashion Week

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Melbourne Spring Fashion Week is just about to start, taking spot from 3 - 9 September 2011, this event will bring all the inspiration from across the world with more thousand people, events, competition, and of course the collection of best fashion designers and the emerging people behind them. 

One of them is frombritten from Alex and Tim as men behind this label, start designing men's wear in their own idea. Every cut, colour and details having a meaning for every reason why men's should wearing something that meaning more than just a shirt.  

Here is just some example why frombritten is smart and full resources men's wear, cos every inches is an answer of:
“Why is there a collar? Why do men button left side over right? Why is there shoulder flaps on the trench? Why do we call it a blazer?” Tim asks. “We take this ‘question everything’ approach with all our designs.” 

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