Monday, 1 October 2012

B Store, London Base Mens Collection

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As days in Melbourne starting warm, people start to smile and have their life begin. is saw people enjoying evening outside their own homemade dishes, they spend some warm evening is like celebrating. Street with good ambiances and food like Chapel St, Fiztroy St- St Kilda, Lygon St, Brunswick St, is getting busy. 

For me, is more how i learn whats really happening when the season changing, and i can feel how different life in here comparing to the island where i grown up. 
Their style is changing, almost every 3 months all retails in Melbourne will clearing their stock in big scale of sale. Its worth money sometime to just wait for something what you really want to have form some of brand, even there gonna be lack of size and color you like. 

Lately, i love to stalking what Japanese or London men have and what they really moving on for fashion industries. I spend pretty much my spare time to stalking other fashion blogger around the world. With the scale of how we digging such information is NO LIMITS, i found so many independent designer who start to have their own line and offering their community more choices.

I remember in old days, i only like few brand which actually fit me as small guy, this days i get more choices and more color even, as i always like color.

and here bstorelondon, one of London brand, presenting seasonal collections on schedule at London Fashion week  and sale it over 50 stocking worldwide.  Their design is done in house by its co-workers,  their work presenting classic style with a modern edge, and ultimately completing your wardrobe collection. 

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