Thursday, 4 October 2012

Deus ex Machine

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PicFrom. Deus

Deus ex Machine (God from the machine) is Australian base company fundamentally created something more than just something we have, but something we can have fun with. Their custom design motor cycle, surfboard, bike, clothing shop, even accessories is been rewarded from many social community. Their well know name beyond motorcycle custom lover is growth more magically together with the quality. Not only for goods, Deus ex Machine bring Australian coffee culture and their dishes in some un-expecting place  Bali - Indonesia. Deus ex Machine also start their company in America which is located in 1001 Venice Boulevard, Venice Beach CA, 90291, USA. in Bali Indonesia - Deus ex Machine opened in two different very growth spot like Jalan Batu Mejan No.8, Canggu, 80361
Bali, Indonesia and Jalan Kayu Aya Number 32B, Oberoi Bali, Indoneisa In Australia itself Deus opened in 98-104 Parramatta Road, Camperdown Sydney New South Wales 2050 AUSTRALIA. 

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