Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Paris Street Fashion

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Talkig about fashion week,  my first though is Paris, Milan and New York, and i think its common for everyone. Place where all beauty heels, leather jackets, colourful blazer, amazing mens manner is just a daily routine for everyone in those city. As i'm not able to following everyday sparkle to watch people in Europe and NYC, wake up and just looks stunning in every basses, from their first morning coffee to   the time they going to bed with organic cotton PJS, iam here watching and collect my though over the picture. 

and we talking about Paris, Where the fashion is feels like home, and a dream for everybody to put their wild imagination in fashion become a fabulous looks. How trend can change what In and what out in every season, how people can pull up their vintage channel into fresh  look. How vintage leather bag is worth more than just brand, cos their old look telling so many story about the person. 
How you can put your cigarettes and its become a last touch for incredible smoking looked. 

Well.. thanks again to mr. Scott Schuman 

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