Friday, 16 November 2012

Small Details To Safe your day

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Pic From.  dapperlou

i woke up this morning and end up with no pants, and its spring- not as cold as winter, but i dont dare my self to put on some short JUST YET. All i have is cotton pants, and every since iam not working for an legal constitution or office business with high tie, i feel more comfortable to go with Jeans. 

Now, since all jeans that i have is top-ing each other in laundry basket, i have no choice but take one of the cotton pants i have. i have no idea how i can walk out the building without looks funny cos i use half casual and half moderate. a bit spend time for some idea, here i found, its actually OK to go with this, The trick is we have to put some small details with color splash, to blind people what actually happen with your laziness in home. Some people might notice that you not dress-up good as they though, but they will start facusing in something more interesting rather than telling you "why you wearing animal print coat to public market?"

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