Saturday, 12 January 2013

Kopi kultur, Kerobokan - Bali

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Live in Bali as tourism destination, where so many culture and people trying to blending each other,new ideas how to safe this island is become major home work. Some people came just to rip off the island without give back to invirenment. Unlike mr.Rai, Balinese guy who's been involved with traditional coffee farmers to keep the organic coffees stand beyond the expectation, than just have a cup of caffeine.

He create the green cages, made mostly from bamboo and use recycle stuff to decorated the cafe.

From Sulawesi, toraja, and some varieties of teas start to serve around 10am, till dinner.

Coffee bean grinding when we ordered to make sure we get fresh grind. All coffee is fresh brewed, there no latte, or cappuccino.

Mr.Rai build such amazing space for local artist to show their work, which for me it's more like high end architectur.

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