Saturday, 5 January 2013

Revolver, coffee spot in Bali.

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Went I touch down in Bali, first think I worrying about is "where I can found good coffee". Lucky me, i have few friend whos coffe addicted. She showed me fiew spot with so many different varieties. From local blend like Kintamani, to Java, Toraja, even Papua. I was really surprised how coffee culture in Bali is so growing, so many coffee place, and some of them even serve nor just like regular latte, flatwhite or boring cappucino, they offering you so many method how to brew the coffees. Choose your coffee and choose your method, some people love syphon method, because coffee done pretty clean, but for some people just regular Long black or Americano style is perfect.

Unlike coffee shop in western  country, in Bali people brewed coffee as simple as they make tea. Put some coffee and hot water wait for few minutes, and there, the morning is start. 

One of the,  Revolver, located at gang #51 at Jl. Kayu aya, just fiew steps if you arround Seminyak Square. This cafe attached with the boutique side by the main street, bit hidden actually. The small place set as Non- smoking area, so if you are the nicotine addict- just bring your stick outside the cafe- although they say "it's Non smoking- unless you smoke weet" lol.

The coffee is pretty good- from all the places that I've been, this coffee is the most decent oneand quite strong. Perfect milk texture, and  they do good job with milk texture even the latte art. So if you Instagram and Facebook post addict- ull get your souvenir already.

Have a good try!

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