Friday, 20 May 2016

around Convent Garden - Melbourne, AU.

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Falls 2016, Melbourne. 
Typical Saturday morning, i woke up early as my body clock schedule just like my weekdays, 5am. Boil some water, turn on my Macbook, get plunger and brew my coffee in exact 3 and half minutes, no more cos its get stronger and no less than that cos i need the kick.

Open more than 5 different tabs on my screen, browsing everything that does not matter for my current life situation. I enjoy house design, so i can reflect something i can't have for until i get decent job. Travel journal of some random people who always mention Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand as paradise, what's best new movie I can download for free in the internet with my unlimited broadband.  There's earphone that cos my entire rent for a month i want to buy, some American reviewing Vitamin blender and mentioned about thousand time how good this product cos its make in Ohio.

I get bored, get up and clean my self, turn it into half decent human so no one judge me, aim going to Children Farmers market. Though its good therapy to understand another group of society. People who chose to have children and live as a family, with 9-5 job and house organic cook and park recreation weekend plan. Get me inspire and twist my brain to ditch my branded clothing collection for more sustainable living choice. 

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