Saturday, 18 March 2017

Persol 3110s 49MM

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This Beautiful, craftsmanship made in Italy Sunglasses is typewriter edition from Persol
took me almost my young hood to fine the perfect sunglasses that fits my face and my asian nose as well as my style and my needs. Persol was came up with reflex edition about  3 years ago, and i was falling in love, and finally had it for about 4 years. It was the best sunglasses I've ever have. 

At last i lost it about a week ago for my first mardi grass in Sydney. after contacted the company they no longer producing the Persol 3047S, instead they came up with the new edition, quite similar. Persol 3110s and they do make it in two sizes 49mm and 51mm with quite range of colour. The glasses still with reflex technology, meaning there antiglare for your eyes comfort. Adjustable nose pad for someone who need more support like me. 

Thanks again Persol.

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