Monday, 26 February 2018

The Kimberly, Trip of lifetime

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Road trip in Australia, it sounds tough and trip of lifetime, and it is exactly indeed what happened since day one we start our camper van tour from Darwin to Broome (Western Australia) and back. In Octorber 2017,me and other 3 friends from the U.K packed our bag and booked tickets to Darwin. Maping to make our dream come true to do unfinish business what we started 2 years ago, when we traveled in Camper Van around Darwin in 2015. This time we decided to hire 4x4 car (though is cool), you know that type of car love bad road, gravel or even river. We start our trip from Darwin.

Tens of Car hire in Darwin, we made a booking before we arrive, just to be sure we get the car, hiring the car coulndt be easier. This time we decided to go to with Britz be sure to listen to all instructurs and all the details from the car reantal guide. Specially how to deal with flat tire, finding camp ground, how to deal with fridge when they stop working, make sure to ask extra pillows (trust me). Inside the van you'll have chairs, all cooking utilities (packed gas bottle - think around 2 per day for good use), mosquito repellant is a must, suncream, flies net is help too.

Next stop, ggroceries shopping. Noted, your fridge is enough to keep fridges product for days if you choose wisely. be aware, if you travel to Western Australia, you would not allowed to bring any fruits and vegies fresh product into the theritory (we have to eat everything before we pass the border- 3 days worth of vegies in one go :)). So, plan your journey and food, all dry food and long lasting fruit such apple, orange is great. Lots of pasta, bread, bacon, snack bar and tons of water.

The KM we have to cover is over thausand, so make sure to take break and swap driver. most of the road doesnt have speed limit, go easy- most important thing is enjoy the drive even sometime your arse feels burning from sitting down hours and hours.

When you decided which national park to visit, try to plan as well which national park to spend more days and relax as well. Some of the national park have all the facilities, such as shower, fresh water etc ans some completely nothing, other choice just have site seeing and move on to any camper ground along the HWY, usually they run by independent farm and have everything you need and more. 

2000km, we made it to Broome (beautiful small town). Broome has somuch to over,  when we arrive we drove about 1 hour fromcity to Quondong Point , its my high light memory from this trip. We set our camp right on top of the heels, facing the sunset, couple beers out and dinner is served. It was The  trip of life time.

Quondong Point, Broome - Australia Pic By mrmichaelbali 

  The following day we treat our self after sleeping in van for days and days, to stay in villa 30 minutes from Broom.  On the way back to Darwin is the main plan, we wanted to spend good amount of time in El Questro National Park. The natural hot spring cascade, the peek point, the atmosphere, the tracking, water fall and flies. We can easliy camp for days but we have to move. 

We manage to visit few more national park on the way back to Darwin, and lots scary and funny experiences i cant nor explpain in here. You guys have to experiences your self.

DONT EVER SAY NO, cos you never know whats and who you gonna see.

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