Thursday, 25 October 2018

Weeknight Date

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Teriyai Salmon, with honey glaze vegetables and roasted almond flakes

weeknight date, why we love it so much? because we both working shift hours. when we see each other during night time, is when i get home and my partner heading to work, those 5 minutes conversation is everything we need to sum up our day.

so when we both have some evening time together, we wont miss it. I start marinate 2 pieces of salmon fillet with teriyaki souce and garted ginger in fridge, just about 10-15 minutes before i cook it.  wash some baby brocoli (make sure to cut the hard end) thinly slice some bay carrot, set aside. Next i premix the souce for the vegetable. 2 tsp of honey, few drops sesame seeds oil, a tsp oeyster souce, and drop hot water, mix it- set aside. Cook some brown rice  and chill some homeade ice tea (if you can yuzu -the japanese plum wine)  it will complete your asian fussion date.

Heat 2 tsp poil and fry the salmon (drain the salmon frm the marinated and keep the juices). in the wok, boil some water with salt and oil, throw the vegies for about 2-3 minutes, drain it. Put it back into the wok and galze with the souce.  

Back to the salmon, pour the marinated souce into the salmons pan, and let it sit till thick. 

Now, play some jazz music, candle on, and enjoy those lazy cheap romantic date in your pajamas.

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